I highly recommend Friends & Family Dentistry in Ashburn, Va.  Dr. Vu is an excellent, thorough dentist. He is very professional and his office uses the most up-to-date equipment & technology. I like seeing Dr. Vu because he educates his patients & takes the time to address every one of my concerns. I don’t feel apprehensive going to the dentist anymore because I know my visit will go smoothly and I won’t have any pain during the cleaning or any procedures I need.  His dental and office staff are very pleasant & professional as well.  The office is extremely clean and beautiful – I couldn’t ask for a better dental office.



I recommend FNF Dentistry to anyone, but especially those who need a more gentle touch.  Dr. Vu is very very gentle on my mouth and understands how to better put me at ease during my dental procedures.  I used to just NOT GO to the dentist.  Now, I don’t mind.


The dream team of dentistry is right here in Ashburn.  The hours are perfect and Julie really works hard to accommodate everyone’s schedule(late, early & weekends).  You feel right at home the moment you walk in the door.  Dr. Vu & Yobania are very professional and calming.  WELCOME TO ASHBURN, DR. VU!!!!


Dr. Vu is the first dentist that I have met that took his time to explain to me why I was getting cavities and how I could prevent them.  His philosophy is prevention!  I was really impressed by the calming atmosphere the office had and that’s hard to say about any dental office.  I’m so glad Dr. Vu is in Ashburn, VA!


“I liked the free stuff!”


“After relocating and spending a few months searching for the best dental practice conveniently located in Ashburn, I found Friends and Family Dentistry.  I was so impressed with their advanced technology, the personable and friendly staff which made it such a warm, inviting, comfortable, and pleasant environment to receive dental services.  I would highly recommend this practice to any friend, family, or person of any age.  Dr. Vu is so patient, kind, gentle, and sensitive to his patients’ dental needs as well as one’s overall well-being and health.  I couldn’t have asked for anything better than that!”


“My appointment at Friends and Family Dentistry was great!  The staff was professional and very friendly.  The office was clean and had the latest equipment.  Dr. Vu took the time to explain everything thoroughly and answered any questions I had.  He was able to show me my x-rays on the TV in my exam room and explained everything of importance.  It was a great experience; I’ll be back!”


“If anyone is looking for a new dentist this is where you need to go. I can’t recommend Dr. Vu and his staff enough. They are friendly, honest, caring, and most importantly offer very professional dental care”


“I really LIKE them!”


I rarely write reviews, but this company is worth it! I recently had a cleaning here and I can honestly say, it was the best experience I have ever had at a Dentist. Dr. Tuan Vu really cares about his clients and their dental health. He goes the extra mile to explain everything, ask questions and gives you a chance to ask him questions. His staff are equally caring! This is a new practice and I fully expect them to do very well. They have figured out that if you put clients first (not herding patients through), good fortune will follow. PS: super nice clean office as well!”.”


“Very thorough and caring plus a great staff!”



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